Wednesday, June 2, 2010

You wanna piece of me? Part Two

Songbird Designs has another retailer - YAY!

The second retailer is the lovely Ecostore Retail Shop in Freemans Bay, Auckland. Across the road from the New World.

I have been a fan of the Ecostore products for a long time but most especially since the Child came into our lives. I then became much more conscious of the sorts of products I was using and wanting to minimise our usage of harsh chemicals. Both for the planet and for ourselves.

The opportunity to stock some Songbird Products in this store, is just amazing and I am so grateful. The majority of the products that will be stocked fall under a new banner of "Encore by Songbird Designs".

These products are made using recycled products (thanks to all those who donate!). Gradually all Songbird Paper Goods will transition to recycled paper and will utilise sustainable consumables and processes. I am really excited to make this transition.

You can follow Ecostore on Twitter here, Facebook here or buy online here or Visit in person (where you can get product refills, bulk buys and other amazing Eco Friendly products) address is 1 Scotland Street, Freemans Bay.

Thanks ecostore for supporting Songbird Designs!

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