Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Giveaway Time!

Its finally giveaway time. To say thank you to my lovely 'likers' and blog followers. This is a long time coming as it was to celebrate my 150 sales in my Felt store and 200 likers on Facebook....

Its been a busy year so far for Songbird but I am grateful for the support of all of those Songbird Friends and Fans, at the markets and in my online store. I am having a few days of work at the moment which is why I am able to get my act together to run this giveaway.

I am running a giveaway for the next week - this giveaway has a total value of $63 so it is a goodie.
In it is:
x1 Songbird Thank you Ribbon Card
x1 Vintage Doiley Card
x1 Storybook card
x3 Vintage reproduction mini cards
x2 Daisy bobbi pins
x1 Antique Bronze and bead ring
x1 Large button hair tie (can be fabric of your choice)
x1 Large button brooch (can be fabric of your choice)
2x Button bookmarks
x1 $10 voucher for my Felt Store (not featured in picture)

All you have to do is make a comment to this blog post or on my Facebook page telling me what is your favourite thing to do to relax...... (do this by Next Wednesday 27th April 5pm)

Thanks to all
Sarah x

Saturday, April 16, 2011

New Stockist - Flock in Sumner

A range of Songbird Goodies went on sale in Sumner today at the lovely design store FLOCK.

Having survived both of the earthquakes Flock are open for business and stocking and re-stocking a heap of lovely things.

Friday, April 1, 2011

To Market To Market

Tomorrow is the April edition of the Devonport Craft Market. April. Already.....

I have been a busy bee at work this month but I have managed to make a few new things to put on show for you all. Some new pieces for my Felt store too.

I hope you are all enjoying the last of this lovely summer weather.. 

Some cufflinks for the fellas - its been a while since I have made any of these.

These map cufflinks can be customised to any area. I thought they would be great for grooms/ groomsmen or for any man with any place close to his heart.

Lots of earrings in lots of yummy colours.

Heaps of hair tie sets to make up tonight so get yourself to the Devonport Craft Market tomorrow between 10-3pm at the Devonport Community House, 32 Clarence Street, Devonport.