Friday, May 28, 2010

Things I am loving...

I am feeling the love today.

Have you visited Lovely Clusters? You should you know!

Check out a couple of my favourites!

Looking forward to Summer - Curated by sumikoshop

Fresh - Curated by trocotaria

Other things I am loving:
1. A Craft Affair - I am so excited to be heading to Christchurch to have a stall at A Craft Affair (formerly Craft 2.0). So much Craft Action happens in Christchurch and I am keen to meet some of the lovely CHC based crafters - in real life - and see all of their wonderful products. I feel very privileged to be given the opportunity! But... where do I start with getting ready??

2. Anything from The Great Collective Dairy - Especially the Black Plum and Apple Crumble Yoghurt but the skinny cottage is also up there... Actually ALL OF IT - GO BUY SOME NOW!

3. Alicia Keys - The Element of Freedom. This is on HIGH Rotate. Man that woman can sing and write songs. Brilliant.

4. The wonderful illustrations and blog of Tabitha Emma. The one below titled
"I don't know you". This is one to check out.

5. The weather today. After a week of sickness for the whole household, it has been lovely to enjoy the fine and sunny weather with some homemade scones. 

Hope you are having a lovely day out there wherever you are.


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  1. What a lovely blog entry. The Lovely Clusters is gorgeous! I'll be at A Craft Affair too so am currently suffering from the "where do I start syndrome" too - hope to meet you there!


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