Thursday, May 20, 2010


Let me introduce you to Encore. Encore is a new part of the Songbird Designs family. The recycled part.

I have gathered up all sorts of pieces from all sorts of places and lately I have been gifted loads of yummy fabric scraps from lovely crafty friends. After finally getting it altogether, Encore was born.


All of the items that are branded with the Encore by Songbird Designs brand have recycled materials in them or will be made using a sustainable process and recycled paper (for the paper goods). Not all of the components of the product in Encore by Songbird Designs will be recycled. Thats cause it won't be possible. You would buy a hair tie from me using a recycled hair band?? Would you? (if you would let me know and I will see what I can do).

Encore made its Unbranded debut at Crafternoon Tea last weekend and proved to be popular so its making its second round of debuts - branded this time - at the Royal Oak Market this Sunday and with any luck, in my Felt store later on today.

There are only a small number of products in the Encore range but it will grow as time allows me to develop them.

I hope you like the idea and I hope you like the products. Any feedback is welcomed. Now go recycle!!!!




  1. what a great concept, they look really gorgeous :) and yep my sister does have a gift for witty writing, we keep telling her to pursue a writing career!

  2. They look great! I like recycling things too, there is something quite satisfying making something new out of something old.

  3. Very very sweet :) I love your backing cards too!


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