Saturday, September 26, 2009

I am wondering - Can I move in too?

This is house perfection.....

all photos c/- Danielle Thompson

I am in love with this interior.... Could I get the Husband to think in this direction.....

Craft Love

Friday, September 25, 2009

New Day - Deco Day

Hello Lovelies,
Latest offerings are a range called "Deco Darlings". Brooches, Rings and Necklaces. These have been sitting on the 'to do' list for some time and finally made it to the top. Hope you enjoy.
Craft Love

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Yesterday I had a day to myself. It was well needed and I really enjoyed myself.

I had time and space to ‘create’, I took some time for me (a slow morning, brunch at the local and a movie) and then at the end of the day, feeling very happy, I was revived and enjoyed family time in a different way than the days before yesterday.

I was reading Lisa Leonard’s blog this morning, and I was reminded how important it is to have time to yourself and how this time, makes subsequent time spent with your family, of a better quality.

The photo Lisa posted, captures it all for me.

photo credit: Lisa Leonard

Hope you get to have some ‘me’ time soon.

Craft Love
Sarah xx

Monday, September 14, 2009

A blog in need of love!

My blog needs love from me. If only I had 5 more child free hours in the day.
I have set myself a goal of a weekly update and hopefully that will be achievable.
Enough of the blog pity……
Things are as busy as they can be in the Songbird Designs studio (rather a grand name for my workspace…)

Busy things are:
- My new promotional magnets and postcards arrived yesterday. They are pretty cool for a first attempt. I will have them on my stall at the next Devonport Craft Market.
- Christmas Tags. My whole body is sore from hand-cutting these in preparation for an October launch (I am sure some people get organised for Christmas in October?)
- Christmas Cards – I love my new full size and small Christmas Card packs. I will start to sell them on Felt and at the Markets for October. They are a bit of fun.
- I have some fab ‘new’ brooch ideas which I will be working on in the next couple of weeks. The idea was inspired by my conversations at Craft Social on Sunday. Watch this space…
- Speaking of Craft Social-  See below for a photo of the ‘Swap item’ I received from Sarah Bird of DCM and Toto / Cotton Kiwi fame. So cute and very Green. The ‘Pod’ is a repurposed sweater!. It was a lovely and fun night. Now what can I create for the next meeting.. the theme is Pink or Breast Cancer Awareness…..
- I hit x50 fans on facebook which has made me happy. Special sale in my Felt store to celebrate.
- I purchased a new book called ‘Blogging for Bliss’ – I have already committed the cardinal sin of too much information in a blog post so I will sign off for now and be back with something snappy and punchy for the next post!
Craft Love

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Things I love.

One week till the next Devonport Craft Market and I am excited!! I love the Devonport Craft Market!

I had a really great weekend. On my way to Kraftbomb I had a realisation about why I love the Craft community. Apart from the ability to share our passion for creating, and being around like minded, motivated individuals, the other massive benefit is Acceptance. Crafters come in all sizes and shapes, from all sorts of backgrounds, all ages with varied life situations and there is a massive acceptance of each other and a strong sense of community. You probably all know this and have thought about it already but I was having a ‘moment’ and I though “Double cool to be a crafter”.

Other things I love:

1. The Corner Grocer (I think that is its name) on Richmond Rd – the most TO DIE FOR Lemon Curd Brioche and the coffee – YUM. Well worth a stop.

2. The Child’s new Door embellishment c/- Bam Bam Creative. This has started a plan of decorating the door… need to get the rest sorted now.

3. Tuesday’s – US bloggers back on line. Monday’s are boring for getting blogger inspiration (apart from you Kiwi bloggers of course)

4. The lovely package exchange hosted by Oh Hello Friend. I just LOVE packaging and this idea is to die for. The effort that people have put into the packaging let along the gifts is stunning. Check out the photos on Flickr here. Seeing this has inspired me to do better with my packaging. Watch this space for more.

image credit: oh hello friend

5. My new fancy wearable. It arrived. Care of the most brilliant of artists, Emily from The Black Apple. Will try and post a photo of it 'in real life'. I will be wearing it a bit as I am addicted to it!

6. The weather has been very inspiring this week. Makes one want to get out there and experience all of the loveliness.