Saturday, June 5, 2010

Foodie Heaven

I like to think I am a foodie. But really I am not. I love food, mostly looking at it. I am not actually very good at cooking it.
Because I am better at looking, Food blogs have become a staple in my daily blog reading. 

I have always looked at cooking posts in craft and design blogs and thought, AMAZING. These people can craft, illustrate, design AND cook amazing looking food. Styled perfectly in their photos. I am always jealous.

I decided I needed more. So I went in search of some food blogs that I could make my regulars. I found this post from the Times Online. There are lots of amazing blogs but the following are my picks (plus a few others I found in my travels)

1. Orangette
2. Cannelle et Vanille
3. Smitten Kitchen
4. Not without Salt
5. Nordljus
6. Joy the Baker
7. Tartlette
8. 101 Cookbooks
9. Tea & Cookies
11. Pictures and Pancakes

What do I love about them... The pictures, the recipes, the places that they take me to, the indulgence, pretty much everything. Check out some images below..

Do you read food blogs? Tell me about your favourites?


  1. 與朋友在一起,分擔的痛苦是減半的痛苦,分享的快樂是加倍的快樂。 ............................................................

  2. Lovely - I think Molly's 'A homemade life' was one of the best books I read last year, a really easy enjoyable read with great recipes.

    Great photos and recipes too!

  4. Wow, I'm going to have to look all of those up! I like I've been trying to learn a bit about Japanese cooking, and this friendly-toned blog has everything from glossaries to lists of ingredients to recipes, but isn't too complicated.

  5. ooh, thanks for that. Possibly a new obsession!


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