Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Its a busy time

Things are busy in the land of Songbird. I have had a few days off work so I have spent the time getting ready for the next Devonport Craft Market (4th July) and also A Craft Affair (11th July).

I have some new earrings for sale and some really cool products to be launched in Christchurch. I have also been developing new packaging for my necklaces and dangle earrings PLUS I have been sanding and painting some new table features.

I have also been utilising some more acquired vintage buttons into more Encore products - I am loving this range and it seems to be really popular with my customers. I have included some in my shop update of today - see below for a sample.

I haven't been looking around the blogosphere much over the last few days as I have been head down making but will bring you some fun stuff that I have found when I get a moment.

If you want to find out a bit more about Songbird Designs, you can check out my 'Meet the Maker' on the 'A Craft Affair' Blog.

Back to trimming and punching! Didn't a pick a great few days to be off work - this weather has been stunning!



  1. Good luck for A Craft Affair - wish I lived closer - the line-up looks incredible!

  2. ooh, looking forward to the launch! Just lovely.

  3. Thanks guys. I am so excited to be at A Craft Affair! Cat (Cat Taylor) and I we so pleased to be accepted. Nothing like a good road trip!


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