Monday, May 17, 2010

The olde bag

I am obsessed by Bags and purses. I have a squillion of them and change them every few weeks. They vary in type, colour, pattern, size. You name it. I just love them. The husband doesn't really love them.

These are some of the bags and purses I love currently featured on Felt.



  1. hi sarah, thanks for the link! hope you are liking your purse :)

  2. Thanks Megan. It's having it's first outing at daycare tomorrow!!

  3. Did someone say BAGS?! I am addicted to bags, especially Jute bags! My family tease me non-stop about it. I have a whole collection from English that odd?! ;)
    I love your choice of bags on Felt!

  4. Hi Sarah - thanks for including my stuff :-) And don't you just love those nappy bags by Peg Baby, they're so funky and well made. I can completely understand the bag obsession - it gets worse when you start making them! Joanna

  5. Joanna - Buttons, the colour grey and a purse. What a perfect combination!!


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