Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wanna be starting something

This week I went to see "This is it" the Michael Jackson movie. Can I say "AMAZING". That tour would have been something really special. Love or hate him, his talent was immense. There were so many parts of the movie I loved that I can't recount them here.. All I can say is if you are an MJ fan, then you MUST go and see this movie before it finishes.

Righto - I am at the Michael Park Summer Festival tomorrow (Amy St, Ellerslie). I am really looking forward to it as I have heard such good things. It is on from 9am till 2pm.

My list for the week:
1. I have joined the Christmas Ornament Swap (thanks Bron aka R.W. Scissors for blogging about it) that is run by Wellington Crafter 20 Cent Mixture. I have already started creating and have been SOOOO excited all week the Husband thinks I am madder than I actually am!

2. Need a marriage celebrant or know someone who does? I ran in to a work friend that I hadn't seen for ages and was reminded she was a Marriage Celebrant. I have often been asked if I know of a good one  and Rachel's name will be the one I give from now on!

3. Check out the Christmas Gift Showcase on the Devonport Craft Market Blog. The 15th November Market looks to be jam packed with stalls, giveaways and prizedraws and the Gift Showcase will give you a taste of what you can buy for your special someone's

4. I have been meaning to blog about a very Genius friend of mine for ages. He really deserves a blog post on his own but given the loads of spare time I haven't, I will blog about him here. He is none other than Glennz. If you are a fan of Threadless then you will know of Glenn. He was a Threadless Star before he ventured out on his own and now you can purchase from him directly at his online store.

This guy is a seriously talented and very clever T-shirt designer - if you are trying to think of a present for a guy in your life (or a gal for that matter), then you need to check out these t-shirts - seriously!!!

On Glenn's NZ site you can also purchase cards (very clever) and also Art Prints. I have coveted his art-prints for some time and will be saving my pennies to get one real soon. There are some awesome iphone wallpaper downloads too.

Ok - I am off to do some more work on my Christmas ornaments.

Hope you all get some Craft Love this weekend

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