Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The end of November - when did that happen?

Time is flying by. It seems like days are melting into making and selling and working at the moment and I can say for the first time in many years I am actually looking forward to doing nothing over my Christmas holidays…. That sounds mad when I read it but each year at Christmas I have a lovely time and by day 3 of my holiday I get the “I need to do something” jitters… Perhaps I am a Crafterholic?

Last weekend I attended Crafternoon Tea in Kingsland which was a nice day. Some really busy times and some quiet times but overall a really good day for me. I forgot to take my camera so if you want to see any photos you will have to check them out on the Crafternoon-Tea blog.

Sunday was the CCS Disabilty Action – Sustainable Communities Market. It was the first one that they had held and it was great. They had about 1300 people through the markets on a pretty miserable (warm but rainy) Auckland day. There was a real mix of Craft and Art and the food was to die for (The Pan Man with his yummy Paella and the crepes). There are a couple of photos below but I was so busy I didn’t get a chance to take any (nor see any) of the outside stalls.

Setting up the market

Sharing a table with the lovely Jaime of Porcelain Rove

Having a half stall messed with my head!

This Friday night is the Devonport Creche Bazaar. This is the first crèche market I have done but it sounds really civilised. A glass of wine and shopping sans kids… loving it. I have a couple of specials lined up for the night including custom “on the spot” cuff link making!

Ribbons and Pom Poms update. I have been waiting for some giveaway items to come in prior to the big first post launch… One of the items is going to be a wee while away so without holding up the whole thing too much longer I am going to go with what I have and have a special giveaway for the last item another time.

So… watch the Ribbons and Pom Poms space over the weekend… how exciting.

Craft love

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