Monday, October 19, 2009

It was mostly Coffee (thanks Atomic) but it was a spot of Tea too...

Crafternoon-Tea was a raging success and a LOT of fun.

my stall - Crafternoon Tea

I had such a great day talking to my fellow crafters, making some purchases (see below) and selling up a storm (thanks Kingsland).

R. W. Scissors (cards & Tags). Forgot to get the name of the clock lady.. sorry.

Biggest hit on the weekend was the new earrings I made in time for this market! I was thrilled that other people liked them.

Another big seller this weekend was my Christmas gift tags. Nothing like getting organised early for the silly season!

On another matter.....

A regular family hunting ground is the Warkworth / Matakana area. We have immediate family and friends who live in the area and whom we visit whenever we get the chance.
The beauty and variety of environments in this area are spectacular.
We wake up to sun (well most of the time) streaming across the sea, past Kawau Island and the Tawharanui peninsula which is the best way to start the day. We also take the opportunity when we are there to check out the local vineyards, restaurants, and art galleries.

We were up that way a couple of weekends ago and I took some time on my own to go to Matakana Township – yes I went on its busiest time of the weekend (during the Farmers Market) and I checked out the Cream of Matakana as well as the local church op shop.

If you haven’t been or haven’t spent much time in this area – I recommend it. A short 45min drive and you are well out of Auckland and into another world.

Attractions for you to visit:
  1. Matakana Farmers Market (Sat Morning)      
  2. Charlies Ice-cream shop ( I won’t describe it other than to say you need to experience it for yourself but buy some Table grapes if you get the chance) 
  3. Stay at Merlot Cottage 
  4. Check out the Church Op – Shop in Matakana and the Hospice Op Shop (Argyll Lane, Queen Street, Warkworth)  in Warkworth
  5. Visit the Cream of Matakana 
  6. Buy some bread at the Matakana Patisserie 
  7. Go to a movie at the Matakana Cinemas – even if you can’t go to a movie, get one of the movie attendants to show you into the three movie theatres – AMAZING is all I can say 
  8. Take a picnic and go for a walk at the Tawharanui Regional Park
  9. Check out the Brick Bay Sculpture walk (fine day)

Those are my top tips for the area – there is so much more to do so make sure you have a day or two to really explore and find your own favourites. I sound like a travel agent / tour guide don’t I!

Last but not least. Check out this beautiful photo. Each year a Thrush Family come back and nest outside the door to my parents-in-law’s bedroom. This is the 5th year they have come back and this is their latest family. Such an amazing sight.

Enjoy the rest of your week.
Craft Love

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  1. What a fantastic picture of the baby birds! And you've inspired me to book a weekend away in Matakana...when the silly season is over.


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