Thursday, July 23, 2009

A satisfying end to the week

I have had an exciting week. A few new items for the Devonport Craft Fair in one week. Just putting on the finishing touches.
Only 2 weeks to go till Screen Printing class begins and I am very excited about that. Plus, I am booked to go and see "Handmade Nation" at the academy on 4/8 - and I am very excited about this. The Husband and I had a really interesting chat (over a lovely glass of vino) about the revival of handmade and craft. There are so many angles to it and I think someone clever could do some research and base their thesis on it...
The other exciting news is that I have managed to score a new retailer (YAY). Details to be posted once the retailer has launched their new venture.

I also have a new table to feature on my stand at the next market. I bought it off a fellow Devonport Craft Marketeer "Forgetmenotvintage". It is perfect. I am just getting some glass to fill in the bottom tier and we are ready to go! YAY. Before and after shots to be featured here soon.

I have also launched a Songbird Designs page on Facebook - I am really a Facebook novice so it has been quite an effort. Looking for fans now -not that I am desperate or anything :-) This is the link here.

Next big project is Wedding Favours for the lovely Jane and Erick. They have just arrived back in the country so consultation can begin. I have loads of possible ideas for them but now just need to nail down the final product and then let the fun begin!

Last thing for today is a handy tool from Leo on the Loose. A blog topics to post list. I have found it very handy to keep all my thoughts in one place.. They seem to fall out of my head as fast as I think of them unless I write them down. Hopefully you will find it useful too. Click here to find the download.

Ok really the last thing for today is some inspiration. A post is never complete with out an image and this one is just LOVELY! Available to purchase here by Coquette and Dove.


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