Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hello lovlies

So many things, such little time.

The child is at home today (and yesterday) with a rip snorter of a cold - his first! Poor thing. His Oma has kindly travelled to look after him while I am at work. At least now I know why he yelled at me all day on Sunday!
Due to this yelling, I was very very exhausted on Sunday and missed the inagural meeting of the Devonport Craft Market version of a book club... I must put some of my brain towards thinking of a name for it... I really wanted to go along as meeting other fellow crafters really reassures me that I am not alone in the crazy world that is crafting.
The lovely ladies (am assuming they were all ladies...) who managed to make it along came up with the great idea of theming the next meeting "Green". We all will take along something we have made using that theme and do a 'swap'. I LOVE IT. Now what to make........

One of my recent purchases came from a wonderful Melbourne based designer Heidiandseek (blog) (shop). I love her designs and I love her philosophy. I purchased the buttons (DIY; Buy Ethical and For the Love of Recycling) although I would love to but one of her pieces at some stage.

The last thing for today comes from the realms of "WHAT THE....." Check this out (CRAZY). I need not say anything else.

Till next time

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