Monday, July 6, 2009

Great day at the Devonport Markets

Well yesterday may have been funny with the weather but the markets were great. Lots of lovely people cruising through and some great product on sale. I had a table next to the lovely Joanna Bewg. We had a great day trading ideas.
People really loved the resin brooches which were a new item I have tried over the last few weeks. They still need some perfecting but they seemed to be well received (I only had one left!) So I will be making some more for the next markets.

My latest scanning of fav blogs led me to the lovely Black Apple and her extraordinary imagination. I purchased 3 of her prints for my one year wedding anniversary (paper) and I haven't looked at her work for ages but check out her wonderful world of Oddfellows Orphanage, Milkland and the Ordinary Forest. Oh to be so talented.

Well this is my last post as a FT Stay at home mum.... back to work part time tomorrow.....

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