Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Little Softie

First things first. I can't sew - I mean really i CAN'T sew. I would love to be able to but I was not gifted with that gene. In saying that, I was inspired by something Cat was making at the market on Sunday and I was desperate to give it a go. And here he is and I am feeling very chuffed with myself. 

Now he is not perfect (don't look too close at the photograph) and I have LOADS to learn but I think he is a pretty good effort for a first time try. Thanks to Jenny for the trims as well!

It has been really good timing as the child has been ill this week. Really unhappy ill. So I have just finished his "get well soon" gift and I am looking forward to him waking up so that I can give it to him... well actually I am looking forward to giving it to him - I won't mind if he sleeps a little longer :-).

I have now contracted the same illness as the little one - I knew I should have resisted those germy kisses..... 

I am going to give this pattern another try before i look for the next one to do - let me know if you know of any 'beginner' tutorials for felt softies that I could try next!

PS. Photo below of the introduction!


  1. absolutely gorgeous! and I love that turquoise colour. there'll be no stopping you now!

  2. He is so cute - my girls were stoked with theirs, so I am sure W will love it! Hope the two of you are feeling better soon :-)

  3. That is so cute Sarah. I bet William loved it. I am sure I have books and books containing cute but simple felt softies here that you can borrow. Hope you are feeling better soon. x

  4. Thanks guys! It was so much fun. I am already on to the next one!!
    W loved it- will update the post with a photo of their introduction - so sweet. Xx

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  6. Its gorgeous Sarah!
    Is that all hand sewn!!??

    (my first few toys were all hand sewn, as i didn't have a machine!)

  7. Yep Jennie, Hand sewn or at least attempted hand sewing. I like to think he looks 'rustic'!

  8. Sarah it's gorgeous. I made my first 'softie' the other day for my baby. It was an owl and she tried to 'eat' it (put in her mouth) straight away, makes you feel good when they are sick aye? Well done and hope you are better now.


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