Thursday, July 8, 2010

It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks. Think Tazmanian Devil or whirling dervish and you will understand how I have been - at least how I have been feeling. I have also been battling an eye infection which - altho not supposed to - has made me feel tired and unwell at the same time. But enough of the 'poor me' stuff....

We had a wonderful day at the Devonport Craft Market on Sunday. It was so busy and there were some great new sellers to meet as well as new and very supportive customers.
It was great that it was busy and I hate to even hint at a complaint but it has meant a reasonable amount of replenishing my stock for A Craft Affair this weekend.

I am SO excited to be heading to Christchurch. I am looking forward to meeting loads of other NZ crafters and also eyeballing their products in real life. I have a feeling a few new bits and pieces will be heading home with me.

I have also had to do some emergency preperations as I realised (yesterday) after reading the fine print on my plane tickets. They read "No fragile items to be included in your carry on luggage". For those of you who have seen how I display my table at markets, you will see my issue. My table is made up of vintage, cut glass bowls of varying sizes, styles etc. I had planned to wrap them up with bubble wrap (in fact I had already done  this to make sure I could fit all I needed to in my bag) and take them on the plane with me.. sorted.
But now I am having major second thoughts about the wisdom of this. 1) I don't want any of them to break and 2) I don't want to have them 'removed' at the airport and be stuck with nothing...
SO, I have been on the hunt for suitable replacements. I have a few bits and pieces and will be trying them all out this evening so that I can finish packing and planning tomorrow in time for the VERY EARLY airport pick up.

I also returned to full time work this week. That has certainly made a dent in my available crafting time........ Enough said.

To add to the madness of me... I have created a bunch of new necklaces this week. Similar to my scrabble tile necklaces but different. They will be coming out for their debut on Sunday.

So, That is where I am at. Manic in a word.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



  1. SO busy! and in the middle of all that... time to post off a little parcel to Wellington. I l-o-v-e all the little goodies - the hairclips especially are so magical... thank you again!


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