Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Craft Affair Road Trip - Executive Summary

Well. It was awesome. Christchurch sure knows how to craft and shop! They put on a pretty good fair.

Our day (our= Cat and myself) started very early. A 3.30am wake up call. Really. But we were pretty excited so it made it worthwhile.

A very fast plan ride down, we hit Cafe Roma for breakfast and much needed coffee. I would recommend a breakfast stop there (thanks Emma and Rose for heading us in that direction). A mere 50m walk from the Cafe and we were at our stop. Our City O Tautahi. What a lovely venue. Very beautiful on the outside and exquisite on the inside.

We had spots upstairs in the hall. Down one end (check out the crowd shot below) was a beautiful stained glass window which made the hall radiate with a soft light. Perfect.

We unpacked and started to set up and before we knew it it was 10.20 - time for shopping, swapping and looking around. I got really excited then - there was so much to take in I had a quick look and thought.. I'll go back later and get a few things. (insert Tui beer advert here).

The two minute call from Lucy came and we were OFF. It was like a tidal wave of people turned up at our tables. Scary stuff when you weren't expecting it. I had 4 deep of people in front of my stall. I am sure I had a fixed and slightly manic smile on my face for the first hour. Actually the whole day probably as the crowds and the people kept coming and coming.

And they were so nice and so supportive. There was a great feeling in the room throughout the day. I can only speak for the room as I had not one moment where I was able to get away from my table! 

I can safely say that this was one of the best markets / fairs I have ever been to as a seller or as a buyer. Lucy from Felt puts on a damn fine event. THANK YOU Lucy and your team for all  your hard work. It was much appreciated.

The end of the day came. I looked up and everyone was gone. So much for me getting to buy those things later. Beginners mistake me thinks!

The day would have been perfect if it wasn't for our plane getting a sore paw and having to have its tires changed (one by one) delaying our departure. Christchurch, it wasn't that we were desperate to get away from you, its just that it was a long and energy filled day and by then, we had run out of steam and needed bed.

Some photos below:

Morning Breaks - view from the plane

Some mountains - I should know which ones...

Cat's Table and my table

My table - it looked good at that stage...

Photography courtesy of Julia from Relique Vintage Jewelry 

Big Shout outs to those people I did get a chance to meet: Rose; Maddie; Emma; Colleen and Jo and to those I didn't Julia; Elisabeth - will catch up to you next time! If I met you and I can't remember - SORRY Please forgive me - it was a whirlwind!

Double big shout-out to my road trip buddy Cat - a great road trip companion!



  1. sounds like you had a fab day and the building you were in looks amazing. your tables look gorgeous :)

  2. Wow - you guys had such a great day!
    Sounds like it was fun, even with the early wake up!x

  3. awesome post - lovely to meet you, glad your day went so well. Wasn't it a wild ride? I think I stared at a wall for the next two days x

  4. Looks like an amazing if not exhausting day for you both! Looking forward to hearing about it in more detail when I get home. Hope you are feeling better. x

  5. Fabulous! And your table looked amazing... a beautiful display :-)

  6. What a great time you and Cat had - fabulous venue - and look at those people!


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