Monday, March 8, 2010

Songbird Designs Giveaway - Celebrating 100 Facebook Fans

I am so excited to be in the '100 Facebook Fans Club'. Thank you to all those who follow Songbird Designs - You are very much appreciated!

I have never had a Songbird Designs giveaway and I promised a 'goodie' when I reached the 100 FB Fans mark so here it is.

Included in the giveaway:
x1 pair pistachio coloured earrings
x1 pkt 5 Birdie tags (green Tui)
x1 Button Bookmark (fabric of your choice)
x2 button hairties (fabric of your choice)
x2 bead bobbi pins (black)
x1 large button brooch
x1 scrabble tile long pin brooch
x1 Happy Birthday card
Valued at just over $60

What you have to do!
You either have to be a Facebook Fan or a follower of the blog.
Leave a comment at this post OR on Facebook telling us about your favourite place in NZ and why - if you haven't been to NZ then your favourite place in the country you live in and why. SIMPLE.

Do this by Tuesday 16th March at 5pm NZ time.

Thank you again for your support! 
Craft Love


  1. Congratulations! My fav place would be Doubtful Sound, its just beautiful. We never made it to Milford Sound, as the road there was blocked with snow! (PS. I'm having my first giveaway this week also!)

  2. My favourite place would have to be Mount Maunganui and especially walking around the Mount/Mauao :)

  3. Wow, what a generous giveaway!!! Cool!
    My fav place in our beautiful country is Movora Lakes. It holds great camping memories from my childhood and I love going there to relax and get away from it all.
    Emma, Freedom Creative

  4. Great giveaway... hmm, now the hard part - I am so not a 'favourites' person! Although I would have to say Kawau Island is up there. No cars, no shops, lots of memories of childhood holidays spent up there on the boat...

  5. Great giveaway! My fav place in NZ would have to be Gisborne, it's where I got married to my sweetie, and the beaches there are FABULOUS!

  6. Well done Sarah! Now, my favourite place in New Zealand is Leigh — I love all the little places to stop on the drive there, lunch or a romantic dinner at the Sawmill with excellent live music that's always on offer or fish and chips from the best little ship shop EVER! Such an amazing place that feels like the middle of nowhere, when really it's so close xxx

  7. Hello - I am a follower. I have lamentably never been to New Zealand but my favourite place in Australia is Western Australia - it is very laidback and full of natural beauty (beaches, forests, desert).

    Off to become a facebook fan!

  8. Well done on reaching 100 fans! It's very hard to pick a favourite place, New Zealand has so many great spots. However, Lake Rotoiti (the South Island one) is a special wee spot. It is half an hours drive from where I grew up. I used to go to the boat races when I was little, and it was also a great spot for 3rd form school camp.

  9. Oh, I'm a West Aussie but my second home is NZ. I love the art deco-ness of Napier and the 'serenity' of Milford Sound, but fave is Keri Keri on the beach with my best friend Di and some excellent vino!


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