Saturday, March 27, 2010

Deus ex Machina and Our Great Escape

A very good friend of mine is joining 11 other people on 'Our Great Escape'.  He will support crew to a bunch of guys travelling on custom built bikes, in excess of 6500kms across Australia ending up in Broome.

Aside from having the trip of a life time, the crew and supporters are also raising money for Cure Kids. Today they had an event to show off the bikes and to sell tickets for two raffles the first  is a $50 ticket and the prize is a Grievous Angel Custom Bike (The Husband is crossing his fingers that he wins that one) and the second a $20 ticket and the prize is an SR400 Motorcycle and second prize in that draw is a $1000 Deus ex Machina voucher. Draw is made 22 April 8pm at Deus ex Machina, Shed 5.

Tickets available at Deus ex Machina during opening hours. PS the coffee is also really good there!

Support the lads, it is all in the name of living life and supporting those who need it - in this case Cure Kids.

Check out some of the images I took today (taken on my phone as I forgot my camera so sorry for the quality)

The lads leave NZ 1st May with the journey beginning a couple of days after that. 

Very cool and we wish you all the best with the fundraising and the adventure.

Can't wait to hear all about it.



  1. Fab - what a great cause. I love the old fashioned ice cream shot!

  2. Looks like a great day out. How gorgeous is that icecream cart? LOVE the colour.

  3. I know right! Such a cool icecream cart. And the bikes were cool. I am not really into bikes. The Husband is. But these bikes are COOL.

  4. yay go phil!! such a great cause and a fun idea to boot! i went there the other day for the first time cos phils employed me as 'creative director' for his latest entrepreneurial endeavour... hehe and its a similar concept to deus ex machina. very cool!

  5. Hi, Im interested in following the bike ride across Oz. Will they be blogging, is there a website? Thanks

  6. Hi Wendy, I am told they will be. I will find out the blog address and post back here when I find it out!


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