Thursday, March 25, 2010

E-Reads - some of my favourites

One of the things I love about the internet is the inspiration you find in all sorts of places. 

I have recently begun reading a couple of E-Magazines that are worth a look (and they are free) ..... if you have time to spare (they are full of such goodness you won't be able to stop until you have read right to the end).

The first one is the newest one. NonPareil Magazine. This magazine is the brain child of two great bloggers. Paper Crave (Kristen Magee) and The Inspired Bride (Maddy Hauge). All of the content is submitted by creatives from around the world and  there are lots of DIY tips, downloadables and good old fashioned inspiration. Worth a look.
Check out a couple of sample pages below (all from issue two).

The second E-Read must is Utterly Engaged. This magazine purpose is to "inspire budget savvy brides with style". They are up to their 8th issue and each one is inspirational. check out some of the sample pages below.

Issue 2 Cover

Issue 2

Issue 4

So these are just a couple - YOU must read some on line zines?

Tell us about your favourite - leave the link and we can all enjoy!

Have a great weekend


  1. hi, this is a cool one
    and i like this one too (you have to register to download this one)
    from megan :)

  2. Thanks Megan. I have added these to the side bar! Cheers S


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