Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dreamy Love

Its Valentine's soon. I have never been big on Valentines, but then I don't count myself as very romantic (The poor Husband...). But I understood the heartlifiting thing that is romance when I saw this item in this Etsy Shop.

It is a strangely simple, effective and beautiul idea and I think would make the most romantic valentine, much more so than flowers and chocolate or teddybears holding hearts (sorry if this is what you do at Valentines - it is just not my thing).

You supply the sentiments and they handwrite the valentine. In the style of Jane Austen, they fold and seal the envelope.

It is something special indeed.

Alas they were not available in this part of the world - well I haven't ask if they would send international - but me thinks it may be too late to get one hear anyway?

Craft AND Valentine Love

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