Sunday, June 7, 2009

The end of a long but fun weekend!

My first two markets are now over and they were relatively successful. Beautiful weather in Devonport today meant there were lots of people around.
Sarah did a wonderful job at promoting the market for us all and I think it will get better and better.
The husband and child (:-)) didn't make it down today to take photos but the lovely RW Scissors took some to put on her blog so I will grab some when they are up.
It was great being out and about people who MIY rather than being holed up on my own in my 'craftspace'. There are some wonderful things being made out there and it was great to be amongst it.
Now I have the mammoth task of loaded the rest of my wares up to my felt site. I spent the last month making up stock for the markets and not placing a lot of new stuff online. That changes tomorrow.
The child and I will spend the day sorting and photographing and loading - hope he likes it!
I will also spend part of the day catching up on all of my favourite sites and blogs as it has been a while since i have had the chance to really have a good look around!
Anyway cheers to a successful weekend.

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