Monday, June 8, 2009

Busy Bee

The child and I have been VERY busy today. We have loaded all of the winter onsies and tshirts and also cards onto FELT. What an effort but now it is done.
Please excuse the photography - not my best creative effort but with the help of my lovely friend loonie I will have new photos soon.

I did a lot of research last night into Wedding bits and pieces. Anyone who knows me knows that I love Weddings.. Not for the mushy romantic 'I do' bits but more for the details and the planning and the look and feel of the wedding. I have always wanted to be a wedding planner (J-Lo eat your heart out) but I think now I would like to be a wedding 'inspirator' (think terminator but nicer!). I have loads of ideas and a few I am ready to create and see if there is a market for them.

I just purchased eco-chic weddings off Amazon and I am sitting by the letterbox waiting for it to arrive... yippee.

Check out some of the cards I loaded up on Felt today. There are many more to come....

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