Sunday, July 3, 2011

Craft 2.0 - A whirlwind trip

Craft 2.0 was on Saturday. This is my story.

I had a hectic week at work finishing up with being on an amazing but intense course for the last two days of the week. This meant I had to be finished packing and making for Craft 2.0 by Wednesday - I made it but it was full on.

I headed straight from my course, which was based north of Auckland, and headed to the airport. Thank goodness I was a little early and I was able to sit down and breathe and have a wine. I thought that was a nice start to my trip.

I arrived into Wellington to a lovely clear but very cool night - my winter coat really came into its own!!

I met up with Cat who had arrived earlier in the day, and we had a gossip and then hit the hay ready for the next day.

Setting up in the morning is a bit of a blur - coffee came about 45 minutes into the set up courtesy of our lovely stall assistant and my friend Leyla. 

Once the doors open we were all go. It was a busy day for us, but having someone to help us on our stall meant we could have a bit of a wander and a look around. Last Craft 2.0 I couldn't leave my stall for even a second so it was nice to have the chance.

There were some amazing stalls - I came away with a colouring book from Lovely Sweet William and some small photographic images from Susannah Tucker and a lovely pillow for my son from Tea Pea. I could have bought so much more and I still might!

The plaited necklaces from Gottahave were so nearly in my clutches - They are my next purchase for sure.

The end of the day came pretty quickly and we packed up ready to make my 5pm flight.

I wish I had been able to take more time in Wellington - its a city I find really interesting. Next time I have promised myself a slow journey instead of a whirlwind one.

Thanks to Cat for being my road trip buddy and thanks to Leyla for her help. 

Sue and crew - THANK YOU for putting on a classy and well organised event. It is always a pleasure.

That's me on the right- I was surprised hence the odd expression!


  1. Your stall looked so lovely, glad it went well.Next time do make some time to explore Wellington and come visit me at emma in Berhampore :)

  2. Thanks Emma. You bet I will. It will be my first stop!


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