Saturday, June 25, 2011

The space(s) - finally

I said a couple of weeks ago that I would bring you some photos of my new craft space. Well it took me more than 24 hours but finally I have finished - well nearly.

To begin the story I will head back to June of 2009, when I proudly posted these photos of my 'new' craft space. 

This space NEVER worked - for one I had too much 'stuff' and secondly I couldn't open the doors of the cupboards.. Imagine both flat spaces with about 1/2 metre piled on top...
Since June 2009 this space as been a constant battle. I couldn't work in it as it was just outside my son's door and the only chance i got to 'work' was when he was asleep.....

So finally - 2 years later. We made a plan - exit the space and go for something else. Better storage and to actually acknowledge that I end up making in the lounge where it is warm...
The second acknowledgement was that I actually need more room.

Now see the new space - quite a different idea. This space is now for functional and nice looking storage. In this idea, each area of work has its own space for storage.

Draws and Cupboards!

Inspiration board ready to fill - just need to make some nice tacks

The LOVELY husband made me a holder for my Divine Twine - a few spots left to fill the collection of colours

These 'vintage' looking jars work well - they were only about $2 pop. They hold all of my ribbons etc

And this last one I wasn't sure I wanted to share - basically it is in the garage - home to the Dirtbike (NOT MINE) - I take up the cupboards you can see PLUS one other of the vertical ones (which houses all of my market props. This is the functional rather than good looking part of the space!

So that is the new space. Truly it took me a whole weekend to get it semi-functional and 2 weeks to finish it... 

On a much more organised note, I am packed and ready to go bar a couple of minor things for my road trip (or air trip) to Wellington for Craft 2.0 this weekend. I am really excited for it. I fly back Saturday night ready for the Devonport Craft Market on Sunday! and then I back it up by having a stall at the Target Road Primary Ladies night on Friday night.... MAD I am.

Hope to see you at one of these lovely events - I will make sure I document my trip to Welly - Craft 2.0 is always chocca full of amazing crafters, designers and artists...

Keep well


  1. It looks awesome! I love the cabinet. My space needs a serious makeover, that is if I can even get in the room for all the junk that seems to have found it's way there! Have a fun time at Craft 2.0!

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