Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wellington Road Trip!

Songbird is heading out on a road trip first thing in the morning.

Cat Taylor and I are boarding a plane (early) and heading to our nation's capital for Craft 2.0.

I can't wait - this trip follows our first road trip to Christchurch earlier in the year for A Craft Affair. This time we are (sensibly) not trying to do it all in one day.

My lovely mother is coming to help so we can get a look around and take a toilet break!

I have the camera packed and will take as many photos as I can and post here on Monday.


  1. i can;t wait to see you and cat tomorrow. Trust me setup friday is just all kind of wonderful. plus there is free fudge om nom nom

  2. Thanks guys, We are looking forward to it. Just onto the final packing things..... trying to fit it all in is proving challenging but we will get there! See you in the afternoon!

  3. Ohh, the toilet break sounds good this time !!

  4. All the best ladies! Have a fabulous time!

  5. Hope you have a great time! Look forward to seeing the photos!

  6. Hope you had a fab day - your stall looked wonderful. Did you get some photos? So nice to meet you in person - thanks for coming and saying hello. Cheers, Catherine.


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