Monday, October 11, 2010

And another while.....

No excuses for blog neglect other than VERY busy with life and Christmas Market preparation.

I have also had some large retail orders which has kept me busy. Feltaid also still continues - the store will be open till 31st October so lets get it as empty as we can.

This weekend marks the start of the Christmas Market schedule. I have listed (am listing on the right hand side of the blog) all of the markets I am going to over the next two months. I am a couple short on last years schedule so if you know of any that would be good for me, comment below or flick me an email!

This weekend is the last Crafternoon Tea. It is also Crafternoon Tea's first birthday! This market has been good to Songbird and I am sorry to see it go. All the best Luisa and thanks for all of your hard work and efforts on our behalf. Hope we can give you a good send off and birthday celebration this Saturday.

I have loads of new necklaces both Scrabble Tile and framed pendants, heaps of new earrings and clips plus Christmas Cards and Tags all available between now and Christmas. Make sure if you want to get some pieces for Christmas Presents, that you join my mailing list as I will be having list only specials offered to only mailing list members in the lead up to Christmas.

Hope you are all well out there.


PS. Did you know that Cotton Kiwi is having a sale? Check it out here.

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