Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Have you met Japanese Washi Tape? (Ribbons and Pom Poms Feature)

Washi Tape is decorated masking tape. Originally designed to aid painters in ‘masking’ out areas they did not want to paint over. Now it has been transformed and comes in a range of colours and designs.

This tape has many uses, especially in gift wrapping.

It can be combined with jute or bakers twine to make a beautiful designer ribbon.

Photo of my product

It can be used as Sellotape around a package (need to be a bit careful here as the masking tape is not as adhesive as normal Sellotape)

It can be used on your shipping packages for that extra detail.

Image from Happy Tape
Or it can be used to make lovely cards

or this cool idea

The lovely Lisa has just opened her website Kozo Tape. This means you can buy Washi Tape here in NZ. She has an amazing collection for sale. I am a little addicted.

To celebrate Kozo’s website being open I thought I would host a giveaway! Two rolls of Kozo Tape from me to you!

Leave a comment here or on facebook telling us which is your favourite tape from Kozo’s collection and what you would make or decorate with it! Easy Peasy!

Giveaway to close Thursday 4th March!

I leave you with some of my favourites......


Craft and Masking Tape Love!


  1. Sorry about my blog formatting. I am fighting with blogger at the moment!!!!

  2. Ooo, too many to choose - I do love the 'bold 3 pack' though...

  3. Love the Cool Crimson 2Pak! I would use it for wrapping presents for girls, especially for use for my own daughters and their friends. Very, very nice!

  4. that tape looks so cool- I like the 'sweet treats' 2 pack hard to pick though!. One of the things I'd like to use it for is to decorate a formula tin to make a cute storage container :)

  5. Ooh I love this tape!!! My favourites are the 'waves' pattern I think. Bit hard to choose really!!!

  6. I love this tape - have seen it on blogs all over the world, and so glad to see it in NZ finally!!!
    I think the 'Summer Brights' pack is just lovely, not terribly sure what I'd do with it - love that pencil holder idea.... so many great uses!

  7. Love the bold graphics. That red Japanese print gets me everytime. I've just had a massive sort out in my craft room so I'd use the washi tape to jazz up the storage boxes or the edges of the shelving in my now nicely tidy room.

  8. Ooh, Grid 4-pack. No, Celestial 3-pack! I would use it for gift-wrapping, making cards, decorating for my sister's kitchen tea, attaching prints to my walls, decorating photo frames and cups on my desk...

    I followed your link from the Lovely Package Exchange comments. How fantastic that there is a NZ stockist for washi tape - I pooh-poohed it a bit until I won some in a giveaway and now I'm addicted and can't stop buying it.

  9. wow, these are the coolest tapes ever. A while back i had an obsession with duct tape and made some cool handbags from all different colours. These tapes would make a nice softer bag. I'd totally make one with any of the colour options!


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