Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August dreams

Is has been a long while between entries I know.

With picking up the co-coordinator role of the Devonport Craft Market I have had a lot of learning and doing to do, plus this endless cold I have had, the husband on ski holiday and wedding favours to make (not to mention beautiful wedding to attend). It doesn’t feel like I have had time to stop and think let along interact with the beautiful world of craft.

This months DCM looks to be the biggest and best yet so I am really excited.

Other things I am excited by:
Security envelopes – Have you ever noticed the pattern inside the envelope housing your bank statement or electricity bill? There are a huge number of beautiful patterns inside these envelopes and they are waiting to be used for your crafting pleasure. See some examples here. I am gathering some together and will come up with some ideas for them when I get a moment (on the To do list!)

I have a thing for lemon anything! These free printable downloads found at iDiy (Spiked and All ages) are heaps of fun and add a summery feel to this cold august we are experiencing. They are made by Farouche and while these are for free you can see the very clever bits and pieces for sale at her Etsy shop by clicking here.

Last but not least, the picture that launches some nostalgic memories.

Photo credit :Max Wanger

Enjoy your day

PS. Some new things for the market. Photos next week!

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