Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Its been a long time between drinks.... or posts as the case maybe..

This weekend is the Devonport Craft Market. This month there are over 70 stalls (good weather dependent!) and loads of giveaways on offer.

Songbird has donated x2 $25 vouchers to the prize draw. All you need to do is purchase something from someone at the market and you will receive a prize draw entry form. At the end of the market the prizes will be drawn. There are over 20 prizes on offer! Brilliant.

I have a range of new products on offer this weekend - some pics below.


  1. Wow! Too much gorgeousness! Those earrings in the final photo are especially divine. Did you do the photographs yourself? They're lovely :-)

  2. Hi Catherine. Thanks so much. yes those earrings are a bit scrummy. I think I will have to make some more for me!! Yes I do the photography - a lot of duds to get to these! Hope you and your family are well and your littlest one is doing ok! Sx

  3. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous! And your photo's are really inspired, they make everything look extra special x


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