Monday, March 14, 2011

Time really flies

So much has happened since I last posted. 

Our world changed on February 22nd, when a terrible quake hit Christchurch with devastating consequences.

I was worried for a number of people, who I don't know well, or haven't known for long, but who I think of as friends, and who were stuck in the middle of all of that..
< Some people were not that lucky. My thoughts remain with their families and friends.

In the wake of the first quake in September 2010, I worked with a number of others to fundraise to provide some relief for those people hit the worst. It was a significant amount of work, but with amazing results ($4420 raised over 6 weeks). This time I was not in a position to be able to give as much time, but I decided I could do my bit by donating the proceeds of my store sales.

This combined with a special fundraising stall at my work (just a side note - my workplace raised $36,000 through all of our fundraising activities on March 4th), Songbird managed to raise a total of $455.50, which I was proud to donate today to the Red Cross.

With the payment goes my best wishes and hope that it brings someone in Christchurch some relief.

Note: My thoughts are also with the people of Japan, and their families who are all over the world. It is a sad and tragic event that has happened there.

Note 2: Feltaid is back open and running again with all proceeds going towards Christchurch Earthquake Relief. There are some lovely items in the store - go there NOW!


  1. i won one of your necklaces that you generously donated to trina mcclune's earthquake fundraiser. it's gorgeous - thank you so much!

  2. Thanks Sue. Glad you like it. It sounds like Trina's fundraiser was a great day - and with fantastic results. Sarah


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