Friday, January 21, 2011

A belated Happy New Year

A Belated Happy New Year to you all. 

With a totally crazy busy Christmas season behind us, Songbird has taken a long summer break from most communications! 

Songbird and family had a wonderful long holiday on the Kowhai Coast, based at Algies Bay, where most days were spent swimming, relaxing and cooking a range of wonderful new things out of the 'Free Range Cook' by Annabelle Langbein.  I think we cooked about 40% of the recipies there and had we had access to all required ingredients we would have made more. Our highlights were the Chicken Skewers with Chermoula dipping sauce and the Sticky Date pudding with toffee sauce. Yummo.

This year I really am slowing down my market activity due to a change in day job and the need to balance my available time more towards my family. I fear they were a little neglected in the second half of last year.

The only 'real' New Years resolution I made this year was to stop biting my fingernails. A hideous habit I have had since I was 5. So good so far!!!

As my energy came back, I began the annual process of re-thinking Songbird and coming up with some fresh new ranges for you all. Some of the new items are shown below but a whole bunch are still waiting for their finishing touches.

I think you will see more co-ordination from Songbird Designs this year. I will be working on the concept of ranges to help structure and connect my products better.

This year will also bring you new packaging and new table displays.

Last but not least. Last year I promised a giveaway when I got to 200 likers on Facebook... it didn't happen as things got crazy and I just couldn't fit it in. I will run one soon and I will make it bigger and better than the original was to be to try and make up for it. 

Thank you for all of your support of Songbird in 2010 and I hope you continue your support in 2011. I think it is going to be a big one.

Hope you are all well and happy.

Much love

More from Encore by Songbird Designs

Some lovely additions to Songbird Designs


From a new range called "Little Ladies by Songbird Designs"
I started to make some more little pieces for the small ladies in your lives late last year and I will be concentrating on making this a complete range in 2011.

"Luxe by Songbird Designs" is a development of my original button jewelry. For this range I will be utilising designer hand screen printed fabric from NZ and all over the world. 


  1. Welcome back S! Loving the kids stuff and the new bangles - remember I asked about christening bracelets ages ago, perhaps a good addition for the "Little Ladies" range? Your touch would make them a hit I'm sure :) talk soon A xo


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