Wednesday, November 3, 2010

No rest for the obsessive crafter

This weekend I have three markets. Three... 

This means that I have been making up a storm since my return from my Wellington Road Trip.

The Markets are:

Friday: St Philips Christmas Market - Friday 5th November 5-9pm. The address is 92 St Helier's Bay Road

Saturday: Michael Park School Fair - Saturday 6th November 10-3pm, Michael Park School

Sunday: The Devonport Craft Market - Sunday 7th November 10-3pm , Devonport Community House 

I will also be working on updating my felt store over the weekend and developing the Christmas specials for my mailing list peeps...

So much to do... so little time :-) 


  1. You are crazy! But I love it! :) x

  2. You are so clever - and I love the presentation on the bottom ones, gorgeous! Hope it all goes well for you this weekend x

    (P.S I try to check your blog weekly but for some reason it doesn't always come up for me, just wanted you to know that I like to check into your world, but my dumbness with computers seems to be holding me back LOL)


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