Thursday, September 9, 2010

The world moved

And poor Christchurch bore the brunt of it. I have spent the week feeling like there was little I could do to provide relief for the people of Christchurch. Words from a far didn't seem to cut it.

When I saw a felt forum thread started by Amiana, it hit a note and I was in boots and all. Ana and I have teamed up (along with some lovely helpers and supported by Lucy from Felt) to bring you Felt.. like helping out.

This is a Felt store filled with donated goods (at least it will be once I get loading!) from lovely crafters across our wonderful country. All of the profits from this campaign will be provided to the Red Cross Appeal for Christchurch where we can play our part in providing some welfare relief, or perhaps a contribution to getting Christchurch up and running again.

Over the weekend we will add the donated products. It is a great time to start your Christmas shopping and to take part in this fundraising effort at the same time.

You want to do your bit, you can do your bit. We are accepting donations now.

Take care


  1. This is fantastic Sarah, yay you. Will make some stuff Monday for this :-) Have a great weekend, Joanna

  2. Hey Sarah - good on you for making this happen! I'm sure your efforts will be well received. Tony's family are all living in ChCh so we have had a pretty personal account of the event, along with the continuing after shocks. So well done!


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