Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Soooo Happy

Two Reasons.

One. You may have seen my 'introduction' post - and you probably thought it was a bit weird that I was introducing myself... well it was all in the name of Lovely Blogging.... I am now officially a Lovely Blogger! YAY. Thanks to Rachel over at Lovely Clusters who has put together a list of Lovely Bloggers. The introduction was in the name of that! Check it out. There are some great blogs to add to your list of daily reads to be found there.

Two. The lovely Erin of Erin Carver commented me yesterday to pass on a Beautiful Blogger Award. OK Now my head is getting really big. So exciting, right?
Part of the deal with the Beautiful Blogger award is for me to tell you 7 things about me - some you may know, some you may not know. So here goes:

1. If there is Singstar around - you had better be holding on tight to your microphone...... I say no more.
2. I am a mad cat lover and like Erin, can see myself having been a crazy cat lady in a former life
3. I am Auckland born and bred. There really aren't many of us... well I don't come across many. In fact my work office is about 10m from the maternity suites where I was born. Thats random.
4. My surname (before marriage) was the name of a bird. See 1. and add bird and that is how I came up with Songbird Designs.
5. This one is a little embarrassing. I am addicted to reality TV - GOOD reality TV (Survivor, AI, The Amazing Race, Project Runway, ANTM etc). Yes I know.
6. I follow Formula 1. The Husbands fault. I am now hooked.
7. I can't stop. There is always something new to do. Well I can stop, when F1 is on and any reality TV programme.....

So now you know a little more about me. Deep dark secrets. Hope I haven't scared you off.

I still haven't gotten to my 'things to blog about list'.



  1. Congrats!! All of this is so well deserved!

  2. Yay for crazy cat ladies! That is lovely to hear how you came up with "Songbird Designs" - it is such a beautiful name and so fitting to all of your gorgeous products!


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