Thursday, December 10, 2009

Its time for a cup of Christmas Tea

Its Crafternoon Tea time.

I do enjoy this market.  There is a really nice vibe and it is great to just concentrate on the lovely customers and all things Songbird.

This month the market is to be held at Mt Eden Normal School. Click here for map

Christmas cards and tags will be 50% off this weekend which makes them a really good price!!!

The other thing I wanted to tell you about was Blendy. Belinda from Blendy approached me at the first Crafternoon Tea about supplying some items for her Yarn Sampler boxes. This is a really cool idea for those into Knitting (and for those looking for a cool marketing opportunity!). I am a avid knitting fan from a distance... I am hopeless at it but really love the idea of it and it looks so relaxing. My version of knitting wasn't relaxing as i spent all of my time undoing what I had down 5 rows previous as I found a hole....
Anyhoo, I will be submitting some cute knitting gift tags for the sampler box. I was supposed to have finished them by now but haven't quite finished! They will be to you by Christmas Belinda!!!

There are loads of other cool suppliers that you will know and love RW Scissors and Nut and Bee to name too! Check it out yo!

Crafternoon Tea is going to be my last market until February!! I am sad as I will miss out on seeing my crafty friends but I am also quite excited as it has been a busy year - especially the last few months - so I am looking forward to a well deserved rest (if I do say so myself).

I won't be far from the computer this summer as I have some cool new ideas to realise!!

Talk soon
Craft Love

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